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Another pair of Andrew Christian, new addiction. Help! Please send me money

Andrew Christian started following me on Twitter, and I don’t even follow them. Crazy!

Impulse bought some EVOLVE briefs, can’t say that I like how I look in them, yet… Maybe once I get out of Whale-Status I’ll wear them more often… Encouragement in the form of looking good in skimpy underwear.

But if you guys show me you care I might post some pics of me in just my underwear ;)

I’m sexy and I know it :D

Last one, for now…

Not done yet :)

I’m spoiling you guys ;)

A little sum sum for my awesome followers, and maybe sum sum to gain new ones :)

All 18 pairs of my AE underwear in all their glory. I’m addicted I know. I need more!!!!

Then I get to drive across the wonderful state of WA. But once I get there it’ll all have been worth it. I’ll get to meet my nephew Cylis, get some new glasses, and perhaps spend too much money at American Eagle on jeans and underwear :P

5 hours for underwear? They’re better than Hanes or Fruit of the Loom, jus’ sayin’