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My new acquisitions as of this afternoon. (Wearing the jock to bed)

6 selfies

NBD. But I’m in a mutual with the hottest new singer we all fell in love with last July. *swoon*

Got my hurr did #me #selfie #gay #gayguy #gayselfie #haircut #summer #fresh

Mobile blogging outside to work on my tan.

Mobile blogging outside to work on my tan.

OMG I LOVE IT! im-a-queer-kinda-guy I can’t wait to call you husband

He said yes! #gay #gayfiance #love #loveofmylife

Flowers for him on our one month #gay #cute #relationship #love #loveofmylife #iris #tulip


Another pair of Andrew Christian, new addiction. Help! Please send me money

First pair of Andrew Christian. Retro trunks with Show-It tech

Y’all see my new icon?

Got a haircut the other day and I’m rocking the douche beard. Someone sex with me

Andrew Christian started following me on Twitter, and I don’t even follow them. Crazy!

Impulse bought some EVOLVE briefs, can’t say that I like how I look in them, yet… Maybe once I get out of Whale-Status I’ll wear them more often… Encouragement in the form of looking good in skimpy underwear.