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do you ever wonder which people in your life have used you as their “gay friend” in an argument?

… fuck

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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

That’s a Pokemon I’m sure

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more ooops for everyone from me tonight. my bad

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Work is taking over my life and I just wanna go to the gym right now tbh

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you have (or will you have) any of your own pics on ngstash?
nickyg790 nickyg790 Said:

I think there is one already there. And if I do post nudes they would go there ;)


gay, dammit.


gay, dammit.

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I’d like to correct this:

“God, send us someone to cure AIDS, cancer, etc., etc.”

“I did, but you gave them a substandard education because they lived in an area with poor funding due to low property taxes.  

I did, but you let them die because they couldn’t afford healthcare.  

I did, but due to racism you stomped out their potential and didn’t give them the same opportunities.  

I did, but you make a college education too unaffordable while giving the big bankers passes.

I did, but you saw a homeless youth before you saw a kid with potential.  

I did, but you kicked the downtrodden while they were already shoulder deep in sinking sand.”

reblogging for the comment

I did, but you forced her to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, forcing her to become a single mother with limited income, having to sacrifice her college dreams in order to provide for her unwanted child.

fucking BOOM ^

bless the god damn comments on this post.

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oh jesus christ I would fucking lay there and never be without contentment 

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